A syntax highlighting, code folding, programmer's text editor written in Swing. http://bobbylight.github.io/RText/
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RText is a programmer's text editor written in Java. It has all the features you would expect:

  • Syntax highlighting for 40+ languages
  • Code folding
  • Regex search and replace
  • Find/replace in files
  • Varying degrees of code completion for C, Java, Perl, JavaScript, and more
  • Varying degrees of syntax checking for various languages (JSHint integration for JavaScript, compiler checking for Perl, XML well-formedness checking, etc.)
  • Programmatic macros, write them in either JavaScript or Groovy
  • Application lifecycle (bootstrap, plugin loading, cleanup, shutdown)
  • Preference loading and saving
  • User-configurable key bindings
  • Standard modals for Options, Help, About, Printing
  • File chooser (richer feature set and improved usability over JFileChooser)
  • Dockable windows
  • External tools
  • Much more


RText uses Gradle to build. To compile, run all unit tests, and create the jar, run:

./gradlew build

Note that RText only requires Java 6. To that end, the boot classpath will be set to accommodate this if a variable java6CompileBootClasspath is set to the location of rt.jar in a Java 6 JDK. This can be added to <maven-home>/gradle.properties if desired, to avoid diffs in the project's gradle.properties. For example:

On Windows:
On OS X:

To build and run an installable image:

./gradlew clean build
./gradlew installDist
java -jar ./build/install/rtext/RText.jar

After building the installable image, you can create the win32 installer by running the MakeRTextInstaller.nsi NSIS script at the root of the project.

Building the OS X package is a little wonky at the moment. I am working on finding the best way to build an App bundle via Gradle. For now, the easiest way to do so is:

./gradlew clean build installDist
vi build.gradle
<un-comment the macAppBundle plugin at the top and config at the bottom>
./gradlew createApp
cp -R ./build/install/rtext ./build/macApp/RText.app/Contents/
mv ./build/macApp/RText.app/Contents/rtext ./build/macApp/RText.app/Contents/Java

This should create a functional RText.app, but note the application icon is not correct yet.