A spell checker add-on library for RSyntaxTextArea.
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SpellChecker is a spell check add-on for RSyntaxTextArea. For programming languages, it spell-checks text in comments, and when editing plain text files, the entire file is spell-checked. Spelling errors are squiggle-underlined in the color of your choosing, and hovering the mouse over a misspelled word displays a tool tip with suggested fixes (if any). You can configure the library to also use a "user dictionary" file, allowing the user to add extra words to the spell check white list.

This add-on is based on Jazzy, a Java spell checker. Indeed, 99% of the code is just Jazzy, with changes made for performance, bug fixes, and Java 6 syntax.

Included with this distribution is an English dictionary (both US and British). The easiest method to add spell checking to RSTA is as follows:

import org.fife.ui.rsyntaxtextarea.spell.*;
// ...
File zip = new File("location/of/included/english_dic.zip");
boolean usEnglish = true; // "false" will use British English
SpellingParser parser = SpellingParser.createEnglishSpellingParser(zip, usEnglish);

See class org.fife.ui.rsyntaxtextarea.spell.demo.SpellingParserDemo for a working example.

Just like Jazzy itself, this add-on is licensed under the LGPL; see the included SpellChecker.License.txt file.

Sister Projects

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