A Telegram Bot that answers questions about Bath Rugby fixtures using IBM Watson conversation API
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Telegram Premiership Rugby Bot

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This telegram chat bot will fetch results, fixture, and table information for Premiership Rugby teams.

It uses IBM Watson Conversation API to understand intents and entities. It uses Drop22 API to fetch results, fixtures and table information.

Defaults to Bath Rugby 🔵⚫️⚪️.

Example conversation:



There are some environment variables that are expected. Use .env.example to see what these are. Either ensure they are available or copy and complete into a .env file which will automatically be read.

Other Teams

In theory, this chat bot can be re-purposed to work with other teams by instantiating rugbybot with one of the following team names:

  • northampton saints
  • exeter chiefs
  • saracens
  • bath rugby
  • leicester tigers
  • wasps
  • sale sharks
  • harlequins
  • gloucester rugby
  • newcastle falcons
  • bristol rugby
  • worcester warriors


This bot is running in production on IBM Bluemix and can be spoken to or invited to a telegram group chat. The username is "bathrugby_bot".

The first request may be slow as Drop22 is on a Heroku free dyno so will take a second to boot up.



Mocha, Sinon and Chai are used to provide test coverage.

npm tests

To generate the HTML code coverage report in ./coverage, run:

npm run coverage