Get statistics from your Codebase account to your Geckoboard.
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Codebase Integration with Geckoboard

Retrieve information from Codebase and construct feed url for Geckoboard. Some caching used to cut down on the number of requests. E.g. For commit statistics, the list of repositories is cached with a TTL of 1 hour.


Written as a service, there is no config file and all data should be handed through feed url together with API key specified when creating a widget in Geckoboard.

Global Commit Statistics

Visit commits/$account/$username for commit statistics from all projects, repositories and branches. The Codebase API currently returns the latest 20 commits from each.

Top 3 committers from all projects

Project Commit Statistics

Visit commits/$project/$account/$username for commits statistics on particular project (N.B. use permalink). Again, this limits to 20 most recent commits.

Top 3 committers from specific project

Creating Geckoboard Custom Widget

  • Go to your Geckoboard dashboard and click "Add Widget".
  • Select the "Custom Widgets" tab.
  • Choose the "RAG Column & Numbers" widget.
  • Enter URL data feed. e.g. BASE_URL/commits/project/account/username
  • Copy and past API key from Codebase account.
  • Select Widget type "Custom".
  • Either feed format will work.
  • Choose reload time (probably does not need to be that often! Recommend 60 mins)
  • Label it.
  • Woo hoo, we're done.

I just want to play

This service is currently hosted at if you want to test it out.