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<title>Local or Live Options</title>
<link rel="stylesheet" href="styles.css" charset="utf-8" />
<h1>Local or Live Options</h1>
<h2>Local Sites</h2>
<label for="local_sites">Site URIs <small>(separated by a new line)</small></label>
<textarea placeholder="" name="local_sites" id="local_sites" rows="10" cols="100"></textarea>
<label for="local_colour">Bar Colour <a href="#" id="reset_local">reset to default</a></label>
<input type="color" name="local_colour" id="local_colour" />
<h2>Live Sites</h2>
<label for="live_sites">Site URIs <small>(separated by a new line)</small></label>
<textarea placeholder="" name="live_sites" id="live_sites" rows="10" cols="100"></textarea>
<label for="Live_colour">Bar Colour <a href="#" id="reset_live">reset to default</a></label>
<input type="color" name="live_colour" id="live_colour" />
<button id="save">Save Options</button>
<span id="status"></span>
<p class="extension-info">Made by <a href="">Robb Lewis</a> and <a href="">contributors</a> | <a href="">Source on GitHub</a></p>
<script src="options.js"></script>
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