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Arduino Support Package For Maple


Maple is a series of Arduino like boards created by LeafLabs ( LeafLabs provided a version of the Arduino IDE tailored for Maple but it is no longer supported, and uses an old version of the Arduino IDE.

maple-asp provides support for Maple compatible boards for use with the "new" Arduino IDE 1.5.x, without requiring any modifications to the Arduino IDE. The bulk of maple-asp is the libmaple code, in the form of an Arduino add on package.


Currently the following boards are supported:

  • Maple Rev 3+



  • Arduino IDE version 1.5.7 or later

Installation procedure:

  1. Copy the Arduino/hardware/ folder to your sketchbook folder (e.g. ~/Arduino)
  2. Restart Arduino IDE

Note: maple-asp is designed to be installed into your sketchbook, not the Arduino program folder, otherwise it will not work properly.


  • Implement all the board/memory variants
  • create wrapper utility for DFU download
  • support for linux
  • build and test examples


maple-asp is an Open Source project.

libmaple is mostly licensed with MIT license.

Other files are licensed as GPL or BSD.

Please see individual files for Copyright notices.

Main Contributors

  • LeafLabs (maple-ide, libmaple)
  • Bob Cousins