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build.bat build system for Sublime Text
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build.bat build system for Sublime Text

This is the build system I use for all my projects. In short with a press of key it starts a file called build.bat or in your project, whatever you put in this file is up to you. It is flexible and very easy to setup and doesn't require to keep project files, workspaces or anything of this sort of complications. Just load the files you need from the directory you need. For me this is much more convenient than maintaining Sublime Text projects and even more so than setting up projects in any IDE.

The build system works like this:

  • Select build.bat build system.
  • Press F7.
  • It will try to execute build.bat on Windows or on Unix if it is found in the directory of the active file, passing build as first argument.
  • If not found it will look for this file up the directory tree.
  • This way one can run different tools for different parts of the project and also run the top level tools of the project from any file.

The build system has several variants:

  • Press F5 will pass run as first argument to the build script.
  • Press Shift+F7 will pass debug as first argument to the build script.
  • Press F8 will pass tests as first argument to the build script.
  • Press F9 will pass user as first argument to the build script.

Use cases:

  • I use this so I run my nodejs apps with F7 and run the unitests with F8 and have one extra key just in case.
  • Also for compiled languages I prefer to manually setup a batch file to compile my sources, I don't like complicated things like makefiles.
  • I've used it to edit file in Sublime Text on Windows and made the batch file so it will run a command in a VirtualBox Linux machine and tell me the output back in Sublime.


Borislav Peev (borislav.asdf at gmail dot com)

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