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Simple GIT identities (overrides in general) management

I need to be committing intro different repositories under different user identities. To Open Source ones with my private email, while using work email for work-related commits/repos.

Typically, you would use repo-specific identities. For example (my work repo):

git config "Antonin Kral"
git config

Now, that is error-prone and painful. I have discovered a neat feature of git (since 2.13) which allows for conditional inclusion of configuration files. Let's assume the following configuration files:

# ~/.gitconfig

	email =
	name = Antonin Kral

[includeIf "gitdir:~/Sources/dtone/"]
  path = .gitconfig_dtone
# ~/.gitconfig_dtone

   name = Antonin Kral
   email =

And that's it. Every time I work with repo, which is cloned under ~/Sources/dtone, my identity will be automatically changed to work one. This is not limited to identities; you can override anything you want.

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