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Weekend long read suggestions 2019/46

Machine Learning

  • Rules of Machine Learning

    Discovered this just recently -- Google's Rules of Machine Learning. Key takeaway -- don't be afraid of starting with simple heuristic, introduce machine learning in a later stage.


Networking / Distributed Systems

  • The Maturing of QUIC

    Nice write up summarizing current state of QUIC (together with HTTbis and QPACK also reffered to as HTTP/3). IETF is currently working on the first drafts of the standards.

  • Snap: a Microkernel Approach to Host Networking

    If you are Google, you need your own data-center communication protocol. host networking architectures

    Our evaluation demonstrates up to 3x improvement in Gbps/core efficiency, sub-10-microsecond latency, dynamic scaling capability, millions of one-sided operations per second, and CPU scheduling with a customizable emphasis between efficiency and latency.

  • GRIT Protocol Enables Distributed Transactions across Multi-Database Microservices

    In environments that involve multiple independent databases, the traditional two-phase commit (2PC) protocol was essentially the only option for distributed transactions by the system without additional application effort. However, it does not work well in a scale-out platform due to long paths of potentially many coordinating participants and the locking required over the phases. On the other hand, using a transaction log executed by a framework such as Saga will incur complex compensating logic by applications and may have business implications due to irreversible partially successful transactions.

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