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SproutCore + CoffeeScript in love
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SproutCore + CoffeeScript

This ruby gem adds support for CoffeeScript files in SproutCore projects.


Install the gem

gem install sproutcore-coffeescript

Add to the top of the Buildfile in the root of your project:

  gem "sproutcore-coffeescript", "~> 0.1.4"
  require "sproutcore-coffeescript"
rescue LoadError
  puts "sproutcore-coffeescript not installed, please run:\n\n  gem install sproutcore-coffeescript\n\n"

Use .coffee instead of .js. Enjoy.


This gem monkey-patches SproutCore build tools on several places, which is ugly and can break with any future update of SproutCore. Also, I doubt I have covered all places in the build tools where javascript files are handled. It is not unlikely it won't work properly in all situations. You've been warned.

Having said that, I use this gem in my applications and it works for me. If you find a bug, let me know.


First version of the code was taken from Brandon Dimcheff's fork of Abbot here, updated to SproutCore 1.5 and packaged as a separate gem.

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