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textmagic gem is a Ruby interface to the TextMagic Bulk SMS Gateway. It can be used to easily integrate SMS features into your application. It supports sending messages, receiving replies and more. You need to have a valid TextMagic account to use this gem.

To learn more about the TextMagic Bulk SMS Gateway, visit the official API documentation or Google group.

This document will give you a good overview of the gem's functionality. For more information consult the detailed documentation.

Basic usage

First create an API instance with your credentials:

api =, password)

These credentials will be used in all requests to the SMS gateway.

Account balance

Check your account's balance:

# => 314.15

Sending messages

To send a message to a single phone number, run:

api.send 'Hi Wilma!', '999314159265'

You can even specify multiple phone numbers:

api.send 'Hello everybody', '999314159265', '999271828182'

Unicode messages are supported as well:

api.send 'Вильма Привет!', '999314159265'

Long messages will be split to up to 3 parts. To limit maximum number of parts, specify an optional max_length parameter:

api.send 'Very very long message...', '999314159265', :max_length => 2

If you want to postpone message delivery, specify a send_time parameter:

api.send 'Two hours later', '999314159265', :send_time => + 7200

Checking sent message status

If you want to check sent message status, you have to use message_id returned in response to send command.

api.send('Hi Wilma!', '999314159265')
# => '141421'
status = api.message_status('141421')
# => 'd'
# => Fri May 22 10:10:18 +0200 2009

You can also check statuses of several messages at once, in which case you'll get a hash with message ids as keys:

api.send('Hi Wilma!', '999314159265', '999271828182').message_id
# => { '999314159265' => '141421', '999271828182' => '173205' }
statuses = api.message_status('141421', '173205')
# => { '141421' => 'r', '173205' => 'd' }
# => Thu May 28 16:41:45 +0200 2009

It is strongly recommended to setup callbacks to receive updates on message status instead of using this method. Learn more about callbacks at TextMagic API site

Receiving replies

To receive all available replies, run:

replies = api.receive
# => ['999271828182: Hello Fred!', '999314159265: Good day!']
# => 'Hello Fred!'
# => '999314159265'
# => '178082'

To prevent receiving old replies again, supply last_retrieved_id argument:

# => []

It is strongly recommended to setup callbacks to receive replies instead of using this method. Learn more about callbacks at TextMagic API site

Deleting retrieved replies

After you retrieve replies, you can delete them from server by running:

api.delete_reply '141421', '178082'
# => true

Command-line utility

The textmagic gem also features a handy command-line utility. It gives you access to all of the gem's features. Run


from your console to see help on its usage.

Note: This gem has been tested with Ruby versions 1.9.3 to 2.1.2. If you have any troubles using this gem, contact the author (or submit a patch).


Copyright (c) 2009-2014 Vladimír Bobeš Tužinský. See LICENSE for details.