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ToDo's List Demo App
This app will be setup on Rails 3.1.1 and use sqlite3 for the db. My system is running Ruby 1.9.2.
1. If using RVM create a new gemset $ rvm use 1.9.2@todo --create
2. Install rails in gemset. $ gem install rails --no-ri --no-rdoc
3. $ rails new todo
4. Create .rvmrc file in project directory
rvm use 1.9.2@todo
5. cd into project directory $ cd todo
6. Start the rails server $ rails s
If you see the rails welcome page your app works! It does nothing but it works!
7. open your text editor $ mate .
8. Lets look at the guts of a rails app
+this is where your migrations will be generated
+ This is where you add gems to the project
+ When you run bundle this is where all the gems and version numbers get added in to
-no longer holds the assets
-index.html (the rails welcome page)
-test (the default test unit files)
9. Time to load up the Gemfile
gem 'kaminari'
group :development do
gem 'nifty-generators'
gem 'rspec-rails'
group :test do
gem 'rspec'
gem 'mocha'
10. Bundle the gems $ bundle
11. install rspec $ rails g rspec:install
In spec_helper.rb change Mock Framework to mocha
12. Start git $ git init
If you like git flow also run $ git flow init
13. Time to create our todo's
$ rails g scaffold task item:string description:text
$ rake db:migrate
$ rails s
go to localhost:3000/tasks
14. Make task#index the root view in routes.rb
uncomment root :to
Change 'welcome#index' to 'tasks#index'
Remove public/index.html
restart the server if necessary $ rails s
go to localhost:/3000 and you should see the items index page
15. Use nifty-generators to create basic layout
$ rails g nifty:layout
In application.html.erb change javascript_include_tag to :application
Rename /public/stylesheets/application.css to nifty.css
Move nifty.css to app/assest/stylesheets
Remove some extra stuff in the views/layouts/application.html.erb
Give the <title> a title
remove title helper from <body>
Reload the page & you should have a nice looking page on a blue background
16. Add add priority to tasks
$ rails g migration add_priority_to_tasks priority:integer
Look at migration and see rails magic
$ rake db:migrate
Add priority fields to views/tasks/_form.html.erb
<div class="field">
<%= f.label :priority %><br />
<%= f.text_field :priority %>
Add priority to views/tasks/show.html.erb
In views/tasks.index.html.erb change description to priority
make task.item a link to show = link_to task.item, task
remove show link
17. Scaffold generates a bunch of tests on it's own. You probably want to get rid of them. Lets add some tests of our own
First prepare the test db
$ rake db:test:prepare
require 'spec_helper'
describe Task do
before(:each) do
@attr = {
:item => "test task",
:description => "test description",
:priority => 10
it "should create a new task given valid attributes" do
describe "task validations" do
it "should require an item" do =>""))
should_not be_valid
it "should require a priority" do =>""))
should_not be_valid
The task validations test we just added should fail. we will make them pass in the next step
$ rspec spec/models
18. Validate that the item & priority are not blank
validates_presence_of :item, :priority
rspec should pass
19. Seeding the db
1.upto(25) do |x|
Task.create(item: "Task #{x}", description: "Description #{x}", priority: x)
19. Making the default sort priority
default_scope :order => 'tasks.priority DESC'
20. Adding pagination with kaminari
def index
@tasks =[:page])
tasks/index.html.haml above the table add
= paginate @tasks
Changing the number of items being shown
def index
@tasks =[:page]).per(10)
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