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*** ExtPlane-Panel ***
+ forked from:
An external, networked cockpit panel for X-Plane flight simulator.
-Requires ExtPlane plugin installed on X-Plane.
+Requires ExtPlane plugin installed on X-Plane:
+ forked from:
License: GNU GPLv3
+Readme date: 24 July 2011
+Works with the ExtPlane plugin on XPlane. It is then possible to run this
+panel on the same computer, or another computer on the network, to display
+cockpit instruments remote from X-Plane.
+The instruments are all drawn from scratch using Qt's graphic tools, with
+a couple of graphics imported to add some realism. It would look better with
+many more graphics, and forms a nice framework to do this, but I prefer
+programming to art.
+The app is written using Qt, and is developed here on a Mac. It is likely
+that it can be made to run under Windows and Linux with a little effort. You
+need to be able to follow the process of compiling and making the plugin. If
+you follow the same steps with this, you'll be able to build and make this
+From the ExtPlane-plugin app on github:
+* Common build requirements *
+Copy X-Plane SDK to home directory, so that the headers can be found
+at ~/SDK/CHeaders/XPLM (or edit the .pro file).
+You'll need Qt development libraries installed.
+* To build on Linux *
+$ qmake
+$ make
+copy to X-Plane/Resources/plugins/extplane.xpl
+* To build on Mac *
+$ qmake
+$ make
+copy libextplane-plugin.1.0.0.dylib to X-Plane/Resources/plugins/extplane.xpl
+The ExtPlane-Panel
+There are currently 8 instruments:
+- A basic compass
+- A direction indicator with the compass rose
+- An airspeed indicator
+- An altimeter
+- An attitude indicator
+- A variometer
+- and an RPM gauge.
+The appearances are largely from the Cessna 172 in X-Plane.
+The interface is clumsy, but works: click inside the yellow square at top
+left to start changing things:
+"Edit Panel", followed by "Close" (to close the menu) makes
+the instruments become selectable with a click. It is then possible to move
+the instruments around, and when an instrument is selected, its properties
+are now available on the "Item properties" menu button, and it can also
+be deleted ("Delete Items").
+"Add Item" allows new instruments to be added, from the 8
+mentioned above, and hopefully more to be added.
+"Save panel" saves all the panel settings to a file called "extplane_gauges.ini"
+in the same directory as the executable (~/git_code/ExtPlane-Panel/build/Debug
+on my machine). This ini file is editable, and can be used to change sizes,
+positions and settings of instruments.
+"Load panel" loads the current contents of the ini file, so can be used to
+recover from accidents, like deleting an instrument. This might cause the app
+to crash, though...
+"Export panel" currently doesn't work. The intent is that in future, several
+panels can be used with this app by importing them from wherever they are
+saved and exporting to create new ones. This would allow appropriate settings
+and instrument combinations for different aircraft.
+"App settings" currently allows the IP address of the X-Plane machine to be
+entered, and can allow changes to fullscreen and screen rotation. Future
+options will include setting the screen size and background color.

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