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# Split the file into four chunks and assign each to a thread.
# We don't calculate the records read because this would require
# synchronizing the value with locks or creating a separate queue.
# This would add an overhead that would skew the results when compared
# to the brute force approach.
import os
import sys
import re
import time
import gevent
import gevent.queue
if sys.version[0] == "3":
from queue import Queue
from Queue import Queue
import settings
from bigfile.bigfile import chunk_end, size_chunks, find
def count_matches(q):
recsmatch = 0
while True:
matches = q.get()
if matches == None: # sentinel
recsmatch += matches
# Start Execution
if len(sys.argv) < 1:
print("usage: %prog")
sfile = settings.BIG_FILE
fsize = os.path.getsize(sfile)
with open(sfile, "r") as fh:
chunks = size_chunks(fh, fsize, num_chunks=settings.BIGFILE_GEVENT_CHUNKS)
pattern = re.compile(settings.TARGET_USERNAME)
# maxsize = 0 makes the queue act like a channel. The queue will block
# until a get call retrieves the data. In effect, it works like a CSP.
q = gevent.queue.Queue(maxsize=0)
# consumer
con = gevent.spawn(count_matches, q)
# producer
fhandles = [open(sfile, "r") for i in xrange(0, settings.BIGFILE_GEVENT_CHUNKS)]
jobs = [gevent.spawn(find, fhandles[i], chunks[i], pattern, q) for i in xrange(0, settings.BIGFILE_GEVENT_CHUNKS)]
gevent.joinall(jobs, timeout=10)
for f in fhandles: