Seam like 'Hotel booking' demonstration Web application for Tapestry 5.4
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Apache Tapestry: Hotel Booking Simulation

This is the source code to the "Hotel Booking" Tapestry demo app, currently running with Tapestry 5.4 at:

This is Tapestry's take on a classic "Hotel Booking" application (ala Seam). It demonstrates:

  • Simple page navigation
  • Custom components
  • Form validation and submission
  • Custom validation macros (usernameValidator & passwordValidator)
  • Session management (including a shopping-cart-like mechanism)
  • Partial-page updates (AJAX)
  • Localization (English & Spanish)
  • Form fragments
  • Easy annotation-based authentication/authorization

Building and running the app is easy. It uses Java 8, maven and jetty, so you just need to do:

mvn jetty:run

or you can do mvn package and deploy the resulting war file to the servlet container of your choice, such as Tomcat 7.

The following are two built-in accounts (usernames / passwords) that you can use to log into the app, or you can create another account by registering with the link on the login page.

  • gosling/gosling
  • fowler/fowler