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GitHub Action

The code for the Action is in the Dockerfile and It is continuously tested by the demo workflow, though VERSION=master must be set in the Dockerfile. This variable is set to specific versions for releases.

act used to be the tool to test Actions locally, but it hasn't been updated to support the new Actions with YML configuration. I'm still looking for a replacement.


The gobenchdata CLI and its associated utilities are written in Golang. To get started, clone the repository and enable Go Modules:

export GO111MODULE=on
go mod download
make # install binary

Utilities like gobenchdata-web are developed in subdirectories under /x.

Code generation tasks should be able to be triggered by go generate:

go generate ./...

The example benchmarks can be run using make bench.

Web App

The web app is in x/gobenchdata-web/web, and the generator is in x/gobenchdata-web. Assets are compiled using fileb0x (see previous section).

The web app should remain as simple as possible - right now it only consists of 3 files (the base HTML, a JavaScript app, and a plain CSS stylesheet), and ideally it'll stay that way.

To test the web app, add a benchmarks.json (for example, the demo data available in gh-pages) to the web directory, and run:

make serve

This requires serve to be installed.

To generate benchmarks for the demo web app, run:

make demo
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