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package res
import (
// ErrResponse is the template for a typical HTTP response for errors
type ErrResponse struct {
// Err is a basic error response constructor
func Err(message string, code int, kvs ...interface{}) *ErrResponse {
return &ErrResponse{base.NewResponse(message, code, kvs)}
// ErrInternalServer is a shortcut for internal server errors. It should be
// accompanied by an actual error.
func ErrInternalServer(message string, err error, kvs ...interface{}) *ErrResponse {
var b = base.NewResponse(message, http.StatusInternalServerError, kvs)
b.Err = err.Error()
return &ErrResponse{b}
// ErrBadRequest is a shortcut for bad requests
func ErrBadRequest(message string, kvs ...interface{}) *ErrResponse {
return &ErrResponse{base.NewResponse(message, http.StatusBadRequest, kvs)}
// ErrUnauthorized is a shortcut for unauthorized requests
func ErrUnauthorized(message string, kvs ...interface{}) *ErrResponse {
return &ErrResponse{base.NewResponse(message, http.StatusUnauthorized, kvs)}
// ErrForbidden is a shortcut for forbidden requests
func ErrForbidden(message string, kvs ...interface{}) *ErrResponse {
return &ErrResponse{base.NewResponse(message, http.StatusForbidden, kvs)}
// ErrNotFound is a shortcut for forbidden requests
func ErrNotFound(message string, kvs ...interface{}) *ErrResponse {
return &ErrResponse{base.NewResponse(message, http.StatusNotFound, kvs)}
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