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package ztest
import (
// NewObservable bootstraps a logger that allows interrogation of output
func NewObservable() (*zap.Logger, *observer.ObservedLogs) {
observer, out := observer.New(zap.InfoLevel)
return zap.New(observer), out
// ObservedEntry is used for providing assertions on observed logs with AssertObserved()
type ObservedEntry struct {
Message string
Fields map[string]interface{}
// AssertObserved asserts if the entries given were collected in order. It allows
// skips (entries in between the expected entries). Messages are asserted based
// on strings.Contains (not exact match)
func AssertObserved(t *testing.T, expected []ObservedEntry, observed *observer.ObservedLogs) bool {
var i int
for _, o := range observed.All() {
if i > len(expected) {
return true // all entries found
e := expected[i]
if strings.Contains(o.Message, e.Message) {
// map of discovered fields
expectedFields := make(map[string]bool)
for expectedKey := range e.Fields {
expectedFields[expectedKey] = false
// check that each field is present and equal
for _, field := range o.Context {
if expectedValue, ok := e.Fields[field.Key]; ok {
AssertEqualFields(t, zap.Any(field.Key, expectedValue), field)
expectedFields[field.Key] = true
// report any missed fields
for k, v := range expectedFields {
if !v {
assert.Failf(t, "did not find expected field",
"expected field '%s' but did not find it in message '%s'", k, e.Message)
if i > len(expected) {
return assert.Failf(t, "did not find expected message",
"missed:\n%#v", expected[i:])
return !t.Failed()
// AssertEqualFields asserts that two zap.Fields are equal
func AssertEqualFields(t *testing.T, expected zap.Field, actual zap.Field) bool {
assert.Equal(t, expected.Type, actual.Type)
assert.Equal(t, expected.Key, actual.Key)
switch expected.Type {
case zapcore.BinaryType, zapcore.ByteStringType:
return assert.Equal(t, expected.Interface.([]byte), actual.Interface.([]byte))
case zapcore.ArrayMarshalerType, zapcore.ObjectMarshalerType, zapcore.ErrorType, zapcore.ReflectType:
return assert.EqualValues(t, expected.Interface, actual.Interface)
return assert.EqualValues(t, expected, actual)
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