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Feedjack is a feed aggregator writen in Python using the Django web development

Like the Planet feed aggregator:

    * It downloads feeds and aggregate their contents in a single site
    * The new aggregated site has a feed of its own (atom and rss)
    * It uses Mark Pilgrim’s excelent FeedParser
    * The subscribers list can be exported as OPML and FOAF

But FeedJack also has some advantages:

    * It handles historical data, you can read old posts
    * It parses a lot more info, including post categories
    * It generates pages with posts of a certain category
    * It generates pages with posts from a certain subscriber
    * It generates pages with posts of a certain category from a certain
    * A cloud tag/folksonomy (hype 2.0 compliant) for every page and every
    * It uses Django templates
    * The administration is done via web (using Django's kickass autogenerated
      and magical admin site), and can handle multiple planets
    * Extensive use of django’s internal cache engine. Most of the time you
      will have no database hits when serving pages.

Web site is
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