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This release includes features developed for Buchanan et al. (2016), Sweet et al. (2017) and Kopp et al. (2017).

Features related to sea-level rise allowances were developed for

M. K. Buchanan, R. E. Kopp, M. Oppenheimer, and C. Tebaldi (2016).
Allowances for evolving coastal flood risk under uncertain local sea-level
rise. Climatic Change 137, 347-362. doi:10.1007/s10584-016-1664-7.

Features related to developing discrete sea-level rise scenarios conditional on ranges of global mean sea level were developed for

W.V. Sweet, R. E. Kopp, C. P. Weaver, J. Obeysekera, R. Horton, E. R. Thieler,
and C. Zervas (2017). Global and Regional Sea Level Rise Scenarios for the
United States. Technical Report NOS CO-OPS 083. National Oceanic and
Atmospheric Administration.

Features related to the substitution of output from a physical Antarctic ice-sheet model into the projections framework were developed for

R. E. Kopp, R. M. DeConto, D. A. Bader, R. M. Horton, C. C. Hay, S. Kulp,
M. Oppenheimer, D. Pollard, and B. H. Strauss (2017). Implications of
Antarctic ice-cliff collapse and ice-shelf hydrofracturing mechanisms for
sea-level projections. Earth’s Future. doi: 10.1002/2017EF000663. 

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Unlike the github repository, the release binary includes the MATLAB binary data file with the Monte Carlo samples produced by Kopp et al. (2014). Relative to version 1.0 (doi:10.5281/zenodo.15507):

  • Added support for pulling GSL samples into the same format.
  • Added function to WriteTableDecomposition.
  • Added flexible columns and ability to include background variability to PlotSLRProjectionVariance.
  • Fixed typo in README file and LocalizeStoredProjections documentation.
  • Fixed file label bug when using multiple sites.