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IoTaWatt documentation

..  toctree::
    :maxdepth: 2
    :caption: Contents:

    Quickstart <quickstart>
    Installation <installation>
    Connecting to WiFi <connectWiFi>
    Device Configuration <devConfig>
    VT Configuration <VTconfig>
    CT Configuration <CTconfig>
    Status Display <status>
    Outputs <outputs.rst>
    Web Servers <webServer>
    Configure PVoutput <PVoutput>
    Configure Emoncms <Emoncms>
    Configure influxDB <influxDB>
    Three-phase power <threePhase>
    CT Basics <CTbasics>
    Graphing the Data <graphing>
    File Manager and Editor <fileManager>
    Message Log <messageLog>
    Troubleshooting <troubleshooting>