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knox = require 'knox'
mime = require 'mime'
http = require 'http'
module.exports = (BasePlugin) ->
class docpadS3Plugin extends BasePlugin
name: "s3"
writeAfter: (collection)->
knoxConfig = {
key: process.env.DOCPAD_S3_KEY,
secret: process.env.DOCPAD_S3_SECRET,
bucket: process.env.DOCPAD_S3_BUCKET,
if knoxConfig.key? and knoxConfig.secret? and knoxConfig.bucket?
docpad = @docpad
client = knox.createClient knoxConfig
http.globalAgent.maxSockets = 2
docpad.getFiles(write:true).forEach (file)->
path = file.attributes.relativeOutPath
data = file.get('contentRendered') || file.get('content') || file.getData()
length = data.length
type = mime.lookup path #file.get('contentType')
headers = {
"Content-Length": length,
"Content-Type": type,
"x-amz-acl": 'public-read'
if file.get('headers')
for header in file.get('headers')
headers[] = header.value
req = client.put path, headers
req.on 'response', (res)->
if 200 == res.statusCode
console.log 'Uploaded %s to S3.', path
console.log 'Derp on %s', path
resdata = ''
res.on 'data', (chunk)->
resdata = resdata + chunk
res.on 'end', ()->
console.log resdata
req.end data
console.log 'Skipping S3. An environment variable is missing. Printing detected config:'
console.dir knoxConfig
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