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DEPRECATED - Audit Log Plugin for Craft CMS
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templates Updated js for Craft 2.5 Jan 29, 2016
tests Added unit tests for audit log category service Feb 24, 2016
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DEPRECATED - Audit Log plugin for Craft CMS Build Status Code Coverage Scrutinizer Code Quality

Plugin that allows you to log adding/updating/deleting of categories/entries/users.


  • Log Entries, Users and Categories
  • View exact details on what fields have changed
  • View who changed what on what page
  • Export an Audit Log CSV
  • Search, filter and use date ranges to find log entries
  • Has hooks that you can use to extend this plugin
    • registerAuditLogSources
    • getAuditLogTableAttributeHtml
    • defineAvailableTableAttributes
    • modifyAuditLogSortableAttributes
  • Has events that you can listen to
    • auditLog.onElementChanged

Important: The plugin's folder should be named "auditlog"


With the release of Craft 3 on 4-4-2018, this plugin has been deprecated. You can still use this with Craft 2 but you are encouraged to use (and develop) a Craft 3 version. At this moment, I have no plans to do so.


Run this from your Craft installation to test your changes to this plugin before submitting a Pull Request

phpunit --bootstrap craft/app/tests/bootstrap.php --configuration craft/plugins/auditlog/phpunit.xml.dist --coverage-text craft/plugins/auditlog/tests



  • Fix comparing of non-existing attribute before, closing issue #15


  • Added Craft 2.5 compatibility
  • Refactored plugin for better readability, quality and testability
  • All service code is now fully covered by unit tests


  • Fixed a bug where the date range didn't fully work
  • Fixed criteria attributes not fully working


  • Added a registerAuditLogSources hook to provide custom sources/criteria
  • Fixed Audit Log not being able to fetch a specific log item
  • Added a MIT license


  • Added the ability to control logging per element type
  • Performance fixes - works much smoother now by fully utilizing ElementType API


  • Added "onElementChanged" event so you can check if a saved element really changed
    • This event will also generate a diff between the before and after state of an element
  • Fix errors that could occur when saving entries and categories anonymously
  • Clean up arrays before showing, making them more readable


  • Fixed source not being selected in CSV download


  • Added CSRF protection for CSV downloads (thanks to Marion Newlevant)


  • Added the ability to download a csv of the log
  • Log more readable info, like Category Title & Group, Section Name and User Groups
  • Improved searching
  • Fixed date ranges not being accurate
  • Added a modifyAuditLogSortableAttributes hook


  • Removed ability to clear log - you can uninstall the plugin to do this
  • Added a date range selector
  • Made sorting work
  • Added modifyAuditLogTableAttributes and getAuditLogTableAttributeHtml hooks

Warning! This version is updated for Craft 2.3 and does NOT work on Craft 2.2


  • Fixed a bug where the user couldn't be shown in some cases


  • Fixed origin url in some cases


  • Better object parsing


  • Also parse logged objects to string
  • Also log user id when registrating


  • Also save section id for entry logs


  • Fixed a bug where the plugin didn't work on PHP 5.3


  • Added the ability to clear the log
  • Better fieldtype parsing
  • You can now easily go to origin
  • ID (and for Entries, Title) are also stored now


  • Fix "changes" url in CP - Thanks to Tim Kelty
  • Avoid Twig errors on array value - Thanks to Tim Kelty


  • Transformed AuditLog into an ElementType for easier sorting, filtering, searching and pagination


  • Initial push to GitHub