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DEPRECATED - Export plugin for Craft CMS
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DEPRECATED - Export plugin for Craft CMS Build Status Code Coverage Scrutinizer Code Quality

Plugin that allows you to export data to CSV files.


  • Export Entries and Entry Types (All types or per type)
  • Export Users and User Groups
  • Export Categories
  • Sortable export field order
  • Renameable column labels
  • Ability to save your sort and column settings
  • Has a hook "registerExportSource" to add/replace exports with your own source.
  • Has a hook "registerExportOperation" to parse special export fields
  • Has a hook "registerExportService" to add your own Element Type export service.
  • Has a hook "registerExportCsvDelimiter" to specify your preferred CSV delimiter.


  • Support JSON and XML output
  • Handle large exports more smoothly

Important: The plugin's folder should be named "export"


With the release of Craft 3 on 4-4-2018, this plugin has been deprecated. You can still use this with Craft 2 but you are encouraged to use (and develop) a Craft 3 version. At this moment, I have no plans to do so.


Run this from your Craft installation to test your changes to this plugin before submitting a Pull Request

phpunit --bootstrap craft/app/tests/bootstrap.php --configuration craft/plugins/export/phpunit.xml.dist --coverage-text craft/plugins/export/tests



  • Added Tags support (thanks to @timkelty)


  • Fixed bug if offset was an empty string


  • All service code is now fully covered by unit tests


  • Fetch elements individually for less memory consumption (thanks to @gijsstegehuis)


  • Show spinner while generating export (thanks to @gijsstegehuis)
  • Added the ability to register the preferred CSV delimiter via the registerExportCsvDelimiter hook


  • Added ability to pre-select export elementtype through query string (thanks to @gijsstegehuis)
  • Added Dutch translations (thanks to @rutgerbakker)


  • Fixed export history maps (thanks to @MRolefes)


  • Added the ability to control the sorting of data
  • Improved the display of dates
  • Improved the display of single option fields
  • Use Windows friendly newlines


  • Fixed multioptions fieldtype exporting


  • Use native php csv export function to generate more correct csv's


  • Added the ability to enter offset and limit for more control over the exported data and performance (#4)
  • Fixed export map checkbox styling
  • Added a registerExportService hook so you can write an export service for other/your own element type(s)
  • Fixed escaping of slashes in export data
  • Added MIT license


  • Export now runs the export map differently through the element model for better export results, closing issues #2 and #3


  • Added the ability to parse table checkboxes for export


  • Added the ability to export Users's preferred locale, week start day, last login date, invalid login count and last invalid login date
  • Clean up arrays before exporting, making them more readable


  • Added getCsrfInput function to forms


  • Even better field data parsing


  • Better field data parsing


  • Fixed a serious issue that led to not being able to run Export independently from Import


  • Added a hook "registerExportOperation" to parse special export fields


  • Added the ability to export parents and ancestors
  • Added the ability to pick your own column names
  • Added the ability to save column names and order
  • You can also clear this (with permission to "reset")
  • Fixed a lot of bugs with multiple title columns
  • Only escape double quotes in CSV
  • Ability to export fields that return an array


  • Allow multiple title columns when exporting multiple entry types


  • Added the ability to export all entrytypes in a section at once


  • Added the ability to export Categories
  • Added the ability to sort the export field order


  • Added the ability to export id's


  • Fixed wrong parsing of Lightswitch values
  • Fixed skipping of existing columns with NULL values


  • Mostly common bugfixes and improvements


  • Fixed a bug that would compromise exportSource data when multiple hooks were used


  • Added a "registerExportSource" hook, so you can replace/add/delete export data from your own plugin


  • Initial push to GitHub
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