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Transition your ASP.NET MVC website to FubuMVC

There are a few supported scenarios currently:

Stay with ASP.NET MVC, but enable FubuMVC behavior chains for your existing controller actions.

Allows you to take advantage of the behavior chain provided by FubuMVC. Provides an easy way to handle beginning/committing transations, opening/closing database connections, and all manner of other pre and post controller action activities you can imagine.

Refer to the MvcWithFubuBehaviors project for an example.

  1. Create a Registry class (ie, SampleRegistry) that inherits from FubuRegistry.

  2. Call this.EnableAspNetMvcBehaviorChains() extension method.

  3. Configure registry with behaviors.

  4. In your global.asax in Application_Start make a call to


Run FubuMVC inside your ASP.NET MVC application and transition gradually.

With this approach the routes that come from your FubuMVC site will take precendence (ie, match first in the RouteTable.Routes collection) over the routes that your ASP.NET MVC site registers. In this way you can migrate your site one page at a time over to the new FubuMVC way of doing things.

Open the MvcAndFubuCoexist project for an example


Q: I just pulled down the source and opened the solution in Visual Studio 2010 but the projects are unavailable and the output window shows 'This project type is not supported by this installation.'

A: You need to install ASP.NET MVC 3, FYI it will auto restart your computer when its done without even prompting you. Whoever's idea that was I don't like it much.

Q: Why does the project have build errors the first time I try to build it?

A: Nuget package references are pulled down as a pre build event, build again and it should be good.

Q: What testing framework is being used for the unit tests and how do I run the tests from within Visual Studio?

A: Develop With Passion specifications, you can follow this getting started guide for it: