A declarative library to make blocking code play nicely with the tornado ioloop
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Tornado Thread-Pool

Tornado Thread-Pool is a library for Tornado that lets you make sure that your blocking code and your non-blocking code don't interfere with each other.

You don't have to remember to call IOLoop.add_callback at the appropriate time, or worry about whether that database query will block other web requests.

Just decorate your methods with @in_thread_pool (for blocking methods) or @in_ioloop (for non-blocking methods) and let the library worry about running the method in the right place.


    from thread_pool import in_thread_pool, in_ioloop, blocking

    def get_thing_from_database():
        # If this method is not called from the thread pool,
        # it will result in a warning.
        return db.get('thing')

    def blocking_method(callback):
        # Call some blocking api, like a database driver.
        # When called, it will always return immediately,
        # and do its work at some future time in a thread pool.

    def non_blocking_method(callback, data):
        # Call some non-blocking api, like AsyncHTTPClient.
        # Guarunteed to run in a tornado IOLoop.


  • Python (in theory any version >= 2.3, but I only tested it on 2.7)
  • Tornado (only tested on version 2.2, but should work on earlier versions)

Running Tests

python -m tornado.testing tests