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Welcome to the Bob Rathbone Raspberry Pi Internet Radio wiki!

Under construction

This Wiki is in the process of being updated. Come back often for changes.


This software and hardware project is a feature rich implementation of an Internet Radio running on all models of the Raspberry Pi. It is based upon the Music Player Daemon (MPD) from The main documentation and software download will be found at


  • Runs on Raspberry Pi OS (Previously Raspbian). Earlier versions not supported
  • Comprehensive Constructors Guide and Beginners Guide
  • Raspberry PI running standard Music Player Daemon (MPD) version 0.21.5. (Later versions (0.22.11) can be installed)
  • Supports all new board types, revision 3B, 3B+, 4B+ Rpi400 and Zero/W (Old version 1 Raspberry Pi's unsupported)
  • Supports the following displays: including LCDs, OLEDs, HDMI screens, Adafruit and Pimoroni products
  • User interfaces include push buttons, rotary encoders and touchscreens
  • Audio using on-board jack, most popular DACs, bonnets and Bluetooth speakers
  • Clock display or Information display (IP address, hostname, versions)
  • Artist and track search function
  • Timer (Snooze) and Alarm functions (LCD/Character OLED versions only)
  • Icecast streaming to a Personal Computer or to mobile devices
  • Optional Spotify and Airplay (shairport-sync) receiver
  • Plays music from a USB stick, SD card or from a Network drive (NAS)
  • Option to display RSS news feeds
  • Web interface using Snoopy and O!MPD
  • Fully integrated with MpDroid and mPod mobile apps.
  • Espeak support for blind or visually impaired persons

Technical support

Please do not use GitHub for raising support issues. Please email See section called Technical Support in the Constructors Manual in the docs directory.