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ListWatcher is your helper with the twitter lists you are in.

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ListWatcher (official twitter account)

Horray! ListWatcher from twitter is open-source now! Fully rewritten in node.js for faster and better work.


ListWatcher is a twitter bot for sending list membership changes for its followers. It will notify you about additions, removals from lists, removals of lists, and list renamings. Don't ever miss that @your_friend_mike/friends was to @your_friend_mike/gay


Just for fun. I rewritten the python version in node.js and it's much faster now.

How to run

  1. Do you really need this?
  2. Clone this repo.
  3. Rebuild init module with npm rebuild init from node_modules dir.
  4. Copy config.json.sample to config.json and fill your config params.
  5. Install node.js (0.6.x is tested and ok).
  6. Run your own listwatcher daemon: node listwatcher.js start.
  7. Follow account you set in config.json to receive direct messages.
  8. Pretty complex already, but that's it! Enjoy!


Ian Babrou (

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