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Welcome home!

This release sees the reconsolidation of the C++ codebase back into the cpp-ethereum repository, after around 9 months spread between multiple repos grouped under the webthree-umbrella repository. It also sees significant optimizations for the Interpreter. These two major changes represent many months of work by Bob Summerwill and Greg Colvin respectively.


Rembrandt van Rijn, The Return of the Prodigal Son, c. 1661–1669

Caveat - this specific release is coming directly from Bob's branch for expediancy due to the time-pressures of the DAO hardfork, but will be followed up later this week with a further point-release which does a history-preserving migration of this content into the mainline. We are also missing Homebrew and PPA releases. Again, they will be back later this week.

DAO hard-fork settings

Like geth-1.4.10, this release supports the hard-fork by default and also offers command-line options for explicit choices:

eth --support-dao-fork
eth --oppose-dao-fork

Changelog - cpp-ethereum-v1.3.0

  • Repository reorganization
  • Interpreter optimizations
  • Addition of "test" mode to eth, as detailed in our earlier blog post
  • AlethZero and Mix have been discontinued
  • All new SAAS automation using Appveyor and TravisCI has replaced Jenkins
  • DAO Hard fork support implemented
  • Added support for OS X Mavericks
  • Added scripts/install_deps.sh, which installs dependencies on many distros
  • Support for OpenCL mining on Mesa Free Drivers
  • Make KeyManager work without master password
  • Implemented personal_sendTransaction.
  • add --verbosity option to testweb3
  • Added eth_getStorageRoot
  • Ongoing work on support for Debian

Many thanks to everybody who contributed changes to this release:

Links and instructions

Platform Build from source Primary binaries Secondary binaries
Windows Build for Windows ZIP
OS X Mavericks Build for OS X ZIP
OS X Yosemite Build for OS X ZIP
OS X El Capitan Build for OS X ZIP
Ubuntu + derivatives Build for Linux ZIP


  • We support building from source on a very broad range of platforms, much broader than the subset we have official binaries for. Check out the full building from source instructions.
  • Please ignore the source archives below, which are auto-generated by Github and are missing the git sub-modules.
  • Use the 1356742 commit of this repo instead, cloned recursively.