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An Arduino sketch to turn an UNO into a HID keyboard, for adapting a PTT CB mic for use with
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README.markdown Add a README
UNO-dfu_and_usbserial_combined.hex Initial working hello world sketch
arduino_mumble_cb_mic.ino Modify so that we send the windows / option key
notes.txt Add notes about flashing things


Arduino mumble mic

We use [][Mumble] quite a lot at work.

However the level detection isn't optimum, meaning that typing creeps onto the channel etc.

Ergo most people switched to using PTT (push to talk).

However people often forget to push when they want to talk, and I personally hate headsets with microphones.

So I bought a CB mic or two, took them apart, and wired them up to an arduino to translate the switch on the mic to a USB key-press.

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