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Catalyst scripts to use local::lib

NOTE: You need the latest version of local::lib for this to work.


git clone git://
cd catalyst-app-example-locallibapp

# To bootstrap local::lib, runs your Makefile.PL, runs make installdeps
# And go!

Edited scripts

Makefile.PL, and script/ hav been edited as documented in script/env to enable local::lib mode

Additional scripts available:

  • env - The core script, does all the magic.

  • - create initial local-lib5 directory

  • - a bash shell with this app's local::lib setup NOT SELF CONTAINED

  • - run perl with this app's local::lib setup

  • - Install a specific module from CPAN

  • - perl -MCPAN -eshell

Note about self contained mode:

We try to do everything in local::libs --self-contained mode so that everything which is a non-core dependency is bundled for you, and you will only see the core module and the contents of your local::lib

However, only perl scripts directly under our control can be forced into this mode.

The correct way to install dependencies in a local::lib based application is to add them to your Makefile.PL, then make installdeps - this will ensure that any non-core dependencies needed are installed with their dependencies in a correctly self contained manor.

If you install dependencies using, then you can get into trouble if your local system perl already has some of the dependencies, then these will not be bundled with your application as expected.

Disabling local::lib mode:

You can totally disable local::lib mode just by deleting the generated local-lib5 directory.

It is possible do totally disable local::lib on a temporary basis by setting the CATALYST_LOCAL_LIB environment variable to 0


  • Tomas Doran

  • Robert Krimen

  • John Napiorkowski


Copyright 2009 Tomas Doran. Some Rights Reserved

These scripts free software; you may redistribute it and/or modify them under the same terms as Perl itself

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