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11:05 <@t0m> osfameron: Heh, well, I may actually be writing some of them if you can point out where it's needed as it's my personal crap ;_)
11:25 <+osfameron> t0m: do I have to Does('NeedsLogin') ? I'm already doing :RequiresRole(user)
11:26 <@t0m> osfameron: yes.
11:27 <+osfameron> ok, actually that simplifies the 3 lines of Does(ACL) RequiresRole(user) ACLDetachTo(/login) that I've got now to 1 line
11:27 <+osfameron> so win
11:27 <+osfameron> t0m: I don't see where to put the actual logic of logging in though?
11:28 <@t0m> osfameron: erm, you don't need to. That's all supplied by CX::SimpleLogin::Controller::Login
11:28 <+osfameron> t0m: um... how does it know?
11:31 <+osfameron> I thought I'd have most of them having ActionRole and Auth roles and all
11:34 <+osfameron> is it going to expect to do authentication differently, or will it plug into 'Authentication' that I already have setup ?
11:57 <+osfameron> t0m: ::Form::Login could usefully document what the standard fields are? (i.e. if you already have those then no need to configure further?)
12:00 <+osfameron> t0m: do I need to 'use' ::ActionRole::NeedsLogin to get it ?
12:00 <+osfameron> the docs don't have a use line, so I don't know if it's automagically folded in?
12:02 <+osfameron> hmm, Can't locate object method "login_redirect" at ::NeedsLogin line 14
12:02 <+osfameron> I think I have WithRedirect in the traits
12:03 <+osfameron> ah no, hadn't saved
12:04 <+osfameron> shiny: I get the login form, I log in.
12:04 <+osfameron> Then I have Couldn't go("")
12:04 <+osfameron> eeek! the form must've told it to redirect somewhere silly
12:06 <+osfameron> ah
12:06 <+osfameron> if you're on /login
12:06 <+osfameron> then after you login, you stay there
'Controller::Login' => {
login_form_class_roles => [ 'CatalystX::SimpleLogin::Form::LoginOpenID']
* Fix the OpenID controller so that it automatically uses the openID form role.
* Tests for the openID controller
* Remove extra features in basic test app.
* Need to test login redirect with args & captures & params and stuff
* Fix /login redirect to /login bug?