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    CatalystX::SimpleLogin - Provide a simple Login controller which can be

        package MyApp;
        use Moose;
        use namespace::autoclean;

        use Catalyst qw/
        extends 'Catalyst';

            'Plugin::Authentication' => { # Auth config here }

            'Controller::Login' => { # SimpleLogin config here }


    If you're new here, you should start by reading
    CatalystX::SimpleLogin::Manual, which provides a gentler introduction to
    using this code. Come back here when you're done there.

    CatalystX::SimpleLogin is an application class Moose::Role which will
    inject a Catalyst::Controller which is an instance of
    CatalystX::SimpleLogin::Controller::Login into your application. This
    provides a simple login and logout page with the addition of only one
    line of code and one template to your application.

    A Catalyst application
    Working authentication configuration
    Working session configuration
    A view

    CatalystX::SimpleLogin is a prototype for CatalystX::Elements. As such,
    one of the goals is to make it easy for users to customise the provided
    component to the maximum degree possible, and also, to have a linear
    relationship between effort invested and level of customisation

    Three traits are shipped with SimpleLogin: WithRedirect, Logout, and
    RenderAsTTTemplate. These traits are set in the config:

            'Controller::Login' => {
                traits => [qw/ Logout WithRedirect RenderAsTTTemplate /],
                login_form_args => { # see the login form },

    *   CatalystX::SimpleLogin::Controller::Login - first point of call for
        customisation. Override the action configs to reconfigure the paths
        of the login or logout actions. Subclass to be able to apply method
        modifiers to run before / after the login or logout actions or
        override methods.

    *   CatalystX::SimpleLogin::TraitFor::Controller::Login::Logout -
        provides the "logout" action and associated methods. You can compose
        this manually yourself if you want just that action.

        This trait is set by default, but if you set another trait in your
        config, you will have to include it.

    *   CatalystX::SimpleLogin::TraitFor::Controller::Login::WithRedirect -
        provides the "login" action with a wrapper to redirect to a page
        which needs authentication, from which the user was previously
        redirected. Goes hand in hand with Catalyst::ActionRole::NeedsLogin

    *   CatalystX::SimpleLogin::TraitFor::Controller::Login::RenderAsTTTempl
        ate - sets the stash variable 'template' to point to a string
        reference containing the rendered template so that it's not
        necessary to have a template file.

    *   CatalystX::SimpleLogin::Form::Login - the HTML::FormHandler form for
        the login form.

    *   Catalyst::ActionRole::NeedsLogin - Used to cause a specific path to
        redirect to the login page if a user is not authenticated.

    Here's a list of what I think needs working on, in no particular order.

    Please feel free to add to or re-arrange this list :)

    Fix extension documentation
    Document all this stuff.
    Examples of use / customisation in documentation
    Fixing one uninitialized value warning in LoginRedirect
    Disable the use of NeedsLogin ActionRole when WithRedirect is not loaded



    Forks and patches are welcome. #formhandler or #catalyst (
    are both good places to ask about using or developing this code.

    *   Catalyst

    *   Moose and Moose::Role

    *   MooseX::MethodAttributes::Role - Actions composed from Moose::Role.

    *   CatalystX::InjectComponent - Injects the controller class

    *   HTML::FormHandler - Generates the login form

    *   Catalyst::Plugin::Authentication - Responsible for the actual heavy
        lifting of authenticating the user

    *   Catalyst::Plugin::Session

    *   Catalyst::Controller - Allows you to decorate actions with roles
        (E.g Catalyst::ActionRole::NeedsLogin)

    *   CatalystX::Component::Traits - Allows Moose::Role to be composed
        onto components from config

    Tomas Doran (t0m) ""
    Zbigniew Lukasiak
    Stephan Jauernick (stephan48) ""
    Gerda Shank (gshank) ""
    Florian Ragwitz ""
    Shlomi Fish
    Oleg Kostyuk (cub-uanic) ""

    Copyright 2009 Tomas Doran. Some rights reserved.

    This software is free software, and is licensed under the same terms as
    perl itself.