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0.07 Fri Apr 29 13:22:00 BST 2011
- Fix test failures by not using Test::use::ok
0.06 Fri Dec 11 01:16:00 GMT 2009
- Significant updates to generated skeleton to use new features.
- Makefile.PL requires a reasonable version of Module::Install with
working auto_install
- Generated TestApp uses Catalyst 5.80
- Generated scripts for TestApp use Catalyst::ScriptRunner
- Generated compontent uses Moose and namespace::autoclean
- Pod tests generated moved to t/author
- M::I::AuthorRequires and M::I::AuthorTests used to run Pod tests.
- Moved application skeleton into the lib/auto directory so that
Module::Install's shonky install_share isn't used.
0.05 Sun Dec 23 02:22:00 CST 2007
- cleanup the generated Makefile.PL
0.04 Tue Sep 4 04:44:40 CDT 2007
- add T::W::M::C to the generated prereqs
- indent generated POD so that search.cpan doesn't get confused
- no functional changes
0.02 same day as 0.01!
- add no_index to the data dir, so PAUSE accepts the upload
- no functional changes
0.01 Mon Sep 3 CDT 2007
- first release, world that doesn't suspect it, blah blah blah
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