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HTTP::Proxy using CSS dev tool, now 'open sourced' by Venda who I wrote it for, so githubbing the code

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    selective_proxy - Simple HTTP Proxy which can be configured to serve
    some paths from locations on local disk.

        # Install, standard (MacOS/Linux).
        perl Makefile.PL
        sudo make install
        # Install, .exe version (can be copied to other systems without perl). Needs the PAR::Dist and PAR::Packer modules from CPAN.
        # Yes, this is hacky, there should be Makefile targets to do this. I'm speaking to the Module::Install author about it,
        # so hopefully this will be less fugly in the next release :)
        perl Makefile.PL
        make par
        pp script/selective_proxy -o selective_proxy
        sudo cp selective_proxy /usr/local/bin/
        # Run (Installed)
        selective_proxy example_config.ini
        # Run (without installing)
        perl Makefile.PL
        perl -Iblib/lib script/selective_proxy example_config.ini
    "selective_proxy" acts as a filtering web proxy. You pass it a
    configuration file when started, which contains a list of sites and
    paths. Any GET or HEAD HTTP requests which match one of the sites and
    paths configured is served from local disk by the proxy.

    This allows you to try out new CSS / Javascript / Images for a website,
    without having any access to the site (or code it is running), and so
    this tool can be used as a multi-platform and multi-browser CSS
    developer tool for web authors.

        # Note that more options are available, please see example_config.ini in the distribution for usage.
        port = 3128



    When you want to map an entire directory (as opposed to a specific
    file), then use of the trailing slash (as shown in the examples above)
    is highly recommended, otherwise you can and will confuse yourself with
    unintended side effects.

    HTTP::Proxy::Selective - Library module used by and shipped with this
    HTTP::Proxy - Provides the basis for this software.
    Catalyst::Engine::HTTP - Many parts of the HTTP server were ripped out
    of this module.

    Tomas Doran, <>

    This software is based upon a number of other open source projects, and
    builds on software originally implemented by the following people.

    Philippe (BooK) Bruhat - HTTP::Proxy, the basis for this module.
    Sebastian Riedel, Andy Grubman, Dan Kubb, Sascha Kiefer -
    Catalyst::Engine::HTTP, inspiration as a pure perl web server.
    Jesse Vincent - HTTP::Server::Simple, which Catalyst::Engine::HTTP stole
    a lot of code from..

    Copyright 2008 Tomas Doran. All rights reserved.

    This software is licensed to Venda, and may be distributed to third
    parties, but is not for public redistribution.

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