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Revision history for Perl module Net::Stomp:
- Added repository metadata to help potentail contbutors to find it.
0.38 Tue Aug 03 13:58:10 BST 2010
- Fix an issue with IO::Handle buffering interfering with IO::Select. This
manifested as receive_frame hanging, or as if not all messages would get
delivered to the client. (RT 44629)
0.37 Fri May 28 15:26:17 BST 2010
- Report a proper error if non-SSL STOMP server is not listening rather than
"Can't use an undefined value as a symbol reference".
- Fix regression in can_read: it now again defaults to waiting indefinitely.
(RT 58502)
0.36 Fri May 28 16:20:15 BST 2010
- Fix behaviour regression on constructor - 0.35 would look at ->new time if
no server could be reached. We now die after trying each server once.
0.35 Tue May 25 15:55:36 BST 2010
- add some examples
- add support for SSL (thanks to Aleksandar Ivanisevic)
- add send_transactional (based on Net::Stomp::Receipt, thanks
to Hugo Salgado)
- add some convenience methods for accessing headers in a frame
(thanks to Claes Jakobsson)
- receive_frame now accepts a {timeout=>1} option
- failover support (thanks to Thom May and Ash Berlin)
- reconnect and resubscribe when connection failes (Thom May)
0.34 Fri Jun 27 09:29:13 BST 2008
- revert to 0.32's code, as the last release broke things that
I don't have time to fix right now
0.33 Wed Jun 25 08:45:59 BST 2008
- fixes from Paul Driver: can_read doesn't behave correctly. The
docs say it returns true iff there's a frame waiting to be
read, but it's just a select() call to see if there's data
on the socket, which can return both false positives and
false negatives. While investigating this, I noticed that
Net::Stomp::Frame->parse was modified at some point to take
a socket as its argument. This is inconsistent with docs and
probably not what was wanted anyway. parse and as_string
should be symmetrical. Attached is a patch that fixes both
issues and adds tests for them.
0.32 Sun Oct 29 09:06:31 GMT 2006
- rewrote the parser to add support for BytesMessage, which should
allow Java<->Perl messages (thanks to Hiram Chirino and Sileshi
- set binmode() on the socket so Windows should now work (thanks
to Sileshi Kassa)
0.31 Wed Oct 11 17:28:31 BST 2006
- minor docpatch noticed by Leo Lapworth
- tweak frame parser
- add unsubscribe() method
- add can_read() method
0.30 Sat Oct 7 09:47:57 BST 2006
- initial release
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