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tests for the ~~ fixes for 5.10.1
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## Testing Out the New ~~

1.  Clone the perl5 git repository:

    $ git clone git://

    ...that may take a few minutes, the first time.

2.  Check out the smartmatch branch.

    $ git checkout -b smartmatch origin/smartmatch

    You should make sure you're pretty up to date.  This command, for example,
    should print 1:

    $ git log | grep -c ea0c2dbd5f5ac6845ecc7ec6696415bf8e27bd52

3.  Compile that perl.  RJBS does:

      * ./Configure -de -Dusedevel
      * make -j9
      * make test -j9
      * sudo make install

    Now you have perl5.11.0 in your path.

4.  Read the smartmatch spec defined in the pod.
    $ perldoc perlsyn

    Grep for "Smart matching in detail"

5.  Write tests exploiting behaviors defined in perlsyn

    Tests are organized into files in ./t *generally* based on the type of
    value on the right hand side of the ~~.  You should feel free to put your
    tests wherever you want.  Nobody is going to be upset because of where it
    is.  More tests is better.

6.  Run: prove -e perl5.11.0

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