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This file documents the revision history for Perl extension Text::Markdown.
1.0.31 2010-03-20T23:06:04
- Fix installation of the script.
1.0.30 2010-01-18T12:19:49
- Removed File::Slurp dependency (v. 9999.13 fails tests on
Strawberry 5.10.1) (dandv)
1.0.29 2009-10-28T15:19:26
- Note Test::Differences is needed for tests to run (RT#50918)
- Change build_requires to test_requires in Makefile.PL where
1.0.28 2009-10-27T14:28:12
- Fix MANIFEST.skip to avoid extraneous crap in the distribution.
1.0.27 2009-10-25T19:13:47
- Change to perl style version numbers (from 3 part versions) to
avoid depndency confusion with Text::MultiMarkdown
1.0.26 2009-10-04T00:37:00
- Minor POD changes (typos, wrapping)
- Added note about and test for output always ending in exactly one newline (dandv)
- Fix RT#48943 + tests (genehack)
- Support for optionally interpreting markdown in HTML block elements
using the markdown="1" attribute (GitHub issue #1; dandv)
1.0.25 2009-08-25T09:31:30
- Remove MultiMarkdown from the Text::Markdown distribution
- Change repository and bugtracker metadata to github.
- Update File::Slurp dependency, fixing RT#43888.
1.0.24 2008-11-16T14:33:30
- Add trust_list_start_value patch from Ricardo Signes (RT#40814)
to enable <li value='X'> output for list numbering.
This feature is disabled by default.
1.0.23 2008-11-02T18:24:30
- Ship a release with the correct contents so that the tests pass.
1.0.22 2008-10-23T18:24:44
- RT#37909 - Fix + in email addresses.
- RT#40303 - Fix use in Mason by adding "use re 'eval'" to both files.
- Add SVN repository to Makefile.PL
- Remove META.yml from source control so it is regenerated
1.0.21 2008-07-24T08:33:00
- Fix hard tabs in Changelog
- Add unit test for core dumps issue from RT#36203
- Fix POD spelling.
- Fix warning from RT#34856.
- Add test for another tab width issue (related to <hr> generation)
from RT#37769. Fix this issue.
- More test additions and more splitting the test suites into MDTest
1.0.20 2008-07-11T23:30:00
- Update README.txt
- Allow scripts to be used on multiple input files at once (processing
in command line order)
- Update footnote behavior of Text::MutltiMarkdown to be consistent
with the latest version of MultiMarkdown
- Added tests for the new footnote functionality.
- Added tests for all the MDTest corner cases brought up on the list.
Noted why / how I differ from original Markdown.
- Moved all the document tests to MDTest format. I have made MDTest
test suites for Text::Markdown and Text::MultiMarkdown, containing
**only** the bug fixes and behavior changes I've made, I've imported
the Markdown test suite from MDTest1.1, and the MultiMarkdown test
- RT#36537 doc patch to add POD to the scripts from Debian's Gunnar
- Mutilate the list processing somewhat to reduce the compilation
of recursive regexes, and so stop perl (<5.10) crapping itself
on lots of input. This isn't the full fix - really shouldn't be
using recursive regexes at all. RT#37297
1.0.19 2008-04-22T18:34:00
- Remove auto_install from Makefile.PL, this is a deprecated feature
and it shouldn't be being used at all.
1.0.18 2008-04-20T18:54:50
- Clean up local stuff for settings.
- Do a little cleanup of intialisation (more needed)
- Remove copy pasted regexes from Text::MultiMarkdown
- Fix bug with line breaks in links -,
thanks to patches and test input / output provided by Adeodato Simó.
(See t/37anchormultilinebugs.t)
- Incorperated MDTest1.1's tests, and made most of the Text-Markdown
and Text-MultiMarkdown tests in MDTest format.
- Add and document an accessor for the parsed markdown URLs.
- Fix html4tags option in and
1.0.17 2008-03-17T01:54:00
- Add and, which work the same way as the
original These scripts *are not* installed by default,
but you will be prompted to install them when you run Makefile.PL
- Make _DeTab significantly quicker. Text::Balanced is still the main
performance sore point however. :(
- Re-organise the module code so that Text::Markdown is a standalone
module which does not require Text::MultiMarkdown.
Text::MultiMarkdown now inherits from Text::Markdown and adds the
additional MultiMarkdown functionality. This is a *large* change to
the module's internals, but is much more in the spirit of the
original Markdown project (and should silence most complaints about
how the code works, and possible even stop John Gruber hating my
If you were using Text::Markdown previously, but relying on an
implicit MultiMarkdown feature, this *could be a breaking change*.
Detailed description of any possible user visible changes below:
- Text::Markdown will no longer supports the additional attribute
specification for images and links feature, which was not in
original Markdown, but were previously supported after
the code merge of Text::Markdown and Text::MultiMarkdown.
If you are relying on this features, it is recommended that you
use Text::MultiMarkdown (configured as you prefer), as this is
not a supported feature in the original Markdown.
- Text::MultiMarkdown has changed the order of attributes in image
tags, the id attribute is moved from the first to the last
attribute (barring user supplied attributes). An example of the
expected change is included below:
Old output: <img id="image" src="" alt="image" title="Image title" width="40px" height="400px" />
New output: <img src="" alt="image" title="Image title" id="image" width="40px" height="400px" />
This is due to the code re-organisation, moving the id attribute
around shouldn't affect anything that isn't relying on the
attribute ordering (which is meant to be unimportant in HTML), and
allows for simplification of the unified code.
1.0.16 2008-02-25T14:24:00
- Fix bugs with tab_width in constructor / as an option.
- Fix bugs with tab width in pre/code blocks.
1.0.15 2008-02-23T11:13:07
- Start using ShipIt to package the distribution.
1.0.14 2008-02-21T22:41:33
- Fix a bug in the packaging of the last version.
- Add links to other implementations and some notes about them.
- Add a (failing) unit test for some unexpected behavior reported on
the list.
1.0.13 2008-02-19T23:54:33
- Due to the UFT8 support this module no longer works on perl <
5.8, note this in the Makefile.PL and modules.
- I managed to ship a module without Makefile.PL, WTF? Really
need to start using ShipIt.
1.0.12 2008-02-18T22:00:00
- Text::Markdown - borgborgborgborgborg.
- Added additional POD documentation.
- Cleaned up some tests, and some additional test cases.
- Options to turn off all the extra features introduced in
1.0.11 2008-01-24T00:12:00
- Fix syntax error in one of the tests. Note to self - just fixing
that warning in the test case, then shipping without retesting, NOT
1.0.10 2008-01-23T15:40:00
- Fix bug with links processing in HTML blocks.
1.0.9 2008-01-22T20:28:00
- Ship non-broken dist at CPAN (oops, rushing!)
1.0.8 2008-01-22T19:20:00
- Do not encode amps or angle brackets in HTML comments + test case.
- Do not emit title attribute in <img> tags unless we have contents
for it. This was a 'feature' of original Markdown where I've decided
to go with what php-markdown does (tests updated).
- Added php-markdown tests (most/all of the regular tests pass except
the email obfu one).
- Added php-markdown extra tests (all fail).
- Added python markdown tests (mostly pass, but marked broken).
- Add a way of stopping inline HTML blocks from suppressing markdown
processing. Feature request from #catalyst-dev
1.0.7 2008-01-07T16:31:00
- Encode isn't in core in all perls, add it to Makefile.PL
1.0.6 2008-01-06T13:36:00
- Merge latest Markdown test suite I can find, and make it all pass,
pulling in code from Markdown 1.0.2b8. Things fixed:
- Inline HTML
- Lists
- Metadata skipping by leading line breaks
- 3rd form of links
- Implement features to suppress id attributes in <img> and <hX> tags
to be able to act more like original Markdown - now almost ready to
steal Text::Markdown (would want to turn off tables / citations and
bibliography for that)
- Move almost all the global variables into instance data.
- Fix unicode issues from's RT#27482
- Remove call to srand, it's not smart to do this more than once.
1.0.5 2008-01-04T18:07:57
- Add Markdown and MultiMarkdown test suites.
- Fix a big bug introduced in 1.0.4 in citations
- Fix footnotes (and other small things) to match the test suite
1.0.4 2008-01-02T02:03:50
- Refactor so that the processor instance has the same set of
persistent options as on the ->markdown method itself.
- Change all functions to be instance methods, moved a chunk of the
global data to the instance. The rest will follow shortly.
- The test suite now tests a reasonable set of the Markdown and
MultiMarkdown syntaxes.
- All known options and metadata keys have been documented.
1.0.3 2007-11-24T20:22:00
- way to keep me accountable, CPANTESTERS! Maybe I shouldn't have
Test::Pod::Coverage enabled unless it actually checks out. Added some
fairly useless stubbed METHODS to POD and moved POD around a bit.
1.0.2 2007-11-24T14:00:00
- move to Module::Install and clean various things up, mostly to make
CPANTS happy.
1.0.1 2006-10-20T00:00:00
- include patch from Uwe Voelker to allow setting of options in
markdown(); also added a test case from Uwe. Thanks, Uwe!
Also updated changelog references in POD somewhat.
1.0.0 2006-08-22T00:00:00
- first release