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@@ -160,6 +160,7 @@ This file documents the revision history for Perl extension Text::MultiMarkdown.
and it shouldn't be being used at all.
1.0.20 2008-05-??T??:??:??
+ - Update README.txt
- Allow scripts to be used on multiple input files at once (processing
in command line order)
- Update footnote behavior of Text::MutliMarkdown to be consistent
@@ -1,26 +1,24 @@
- Text::MultiMarkdown - Convert MultiMarkdown syntax to (X)HTML
+ Text::Markdown - Convert Markdown syntax to (X)HTML
- use Text::MultiMarkdown 'markdown';
+ use Text::Markdown 'markdown';
my $html = markdown($text);
- use Text::MultiMarkdown 'markdown';
+ use Text::Markdown 'markdown';
my $html = markdown( $text, {
empty_element_suffix => '>',
tab_width => 2,
- use_wikilinks => 1,
} );
- use Text::MultiMarkdown;
- my $m = Text::MultiMarkdown->new;
+ use Text::Markdown;
+ my $m = Text::Markdown->new;
my $html = $m->markdown($text);
- use Text::MultiMarkdown;
+ use Text::Markdown;
my $m = Text::MultiMarkdown->new(
empty_element_suffix => '>',
tab_width => 2,
- use_wikilinks => 1,
my $html = $m->markdown( $text );
@@ -36,26 +34,12 @@ DESCRIPTION
HTML tags (like <div> and <table> as well).
- For more information about Markdown's syntax, see:
+ This module implements the 'original' Markdown markdown syntax from:
- This module implements MultiMarkdown, which is an extension to
- Markdown..
- This is documented at:
- and
- This documentation is going to be moved/copied into this module for
- clearer reading in a future release..
- MultiMarkdown supports a number of options to it's processor which
+ Text::Markdown supports a number of options to it's processor which
control the behavior of the output document.
These options can be supplied to the constructor, on in a hash with the
@@ -64,109 +48,73 @@ OPTIONS
The options for the processor are:
- use_metadata
- Controls the metadata options below.
- strip_metadata
- Not implemented yet.
empty element suffix
This option can be used to generate normal HTML output. By default,
it is ' />', which is xHTML, change to '>' for normal HTML.
- img_ids
- Controls if <img> tags generated have an id attribute. Defaults to
- true. Turn off for compatibility with the original markdown.
- heading_ids
- Controls if <hX> tags generated have an id attribute. Defaults to
- true. Turn off for compatibility with the original markdown.
- bibliography_title
- The title of the generated bibliography, defaults to 'Bibliography'.
Controls indent width in the generated markup, defaults to 4
- A number of possible items of metadata can also be supplied as options.
- Note that if the use_metadata is true then the metadata in the document
- will overwrite the settings on command line.
- Metadata options supported are:
- document_format
- use_wikilinks
- base_url
- MultiMarkdown supports the concept of 'metadata', which allows you to
- specify a number of formatting options within the document itself.
- Metadata should be placed in the top few lines of a file, on value per
- line as colon separated key/value pairs. The metadata should be
- separated from the document with a blank line.
+ markdown_in_html_blocks
+ Controls if Markdown is processed when inside HTML blocks. Defaults
+ to 0.
- Most metadata keys are also supported as options to the constructor, or
- options to the markdown method itself. (Note, as metadata, keys contain
- space, whereas options the keys are underscore separated.)
- You can attach arbitrary metadata to a document, which is output in HTML
- <META> tags if unknown, see t/11document_format.t for more info.
+ new
+ A simple constructor, see the SYNTAX and OPTIONS sections for more
+ information.
- A list of 'known' metadata keys, and their effects are listed below:
+ markdown
+ The main function as far as the outside world is concerned. See the
+ SYNOPSIS for details on use.
- document format
- If set to 'complete', MultiMarkdown will render an entire xHTML
- page, otherwise it will render a document fragment
+ urls
+ Returns a reference to a hash with the key being the markdown reference
+ and the value being the URL.
- css Sets a CSS file for the file, if in 'complete' document format.
+ Useful for building scripts which preprocess a list of links before the
+ main content. See t/05options.t for an example of this hashref being
+ passed back into the markdown method to create links.
- title
- Sets the page title, if in 'complete' document format.
+ Markdown has been re-implemented in a number of languages, and with a
+ number of additions.
- use wikilinks
- If set to '1' or 'on', causes links that are WikiWords to
- automatically be processed into links.
+ Those that I have found are listed below:
- base url
- This is the base URL for referencing wiki pages. In this is not
- supplied, all wiki links are relative.
+ C - <>
+ Discount - Original Markdown, but in C. Fastest implementation
+ available, and passes MDTest. Adds it's own set of custom features.
- new A very simple constructor.
+ python - <>
+ Python Markdown which is mostly compatible with the original, with
+ an interesting extension API.
- markdown
- The main function as far as the outside world is concerned. See the
- SYNOPSIS for details on use.
+ ruby (maruku) - <>
+ One of the nicest implementations out there. Builds a parse tree
+ internally so very flexible.
- _Markdown
- The main function (internal use only).
+ php - <>
+ A direct port of, also has a separately maintained
+ 'extra' version, which adds a number of features that were borrowed
+ by MultiMarkdown.
- Header2Label
- Internal use only.
+ lua - <>
+ Port to lua. Simple and lightweight (as lua is).
- xhtmlMetaData
- Internal use only.
+ haskell - <>
+ Pandoc is a more general library, supporting Markdown,
+ reStructuredText, LaTeX and more.
- textMetaData
- Internal use only.
- Warning: this code is messy and does not adhere to any consistent set of
- code guidelines; this is not because of the original quality of the
- code, which is far above what I can pretend to be capable of creating,
- but because of the various patching and diffing steps in between and the
- incomplete translation of the original code into a module.
+ javascript - <>
+ Direct(ish) port of to JavaScript
- To file bug reports or feature requests (other than topics listed in the
- Caveats section above) please send email to:
- (for Markdown issues)
- (for MultiMarkdown issues)
-, (for Text::MultiMarkdown issues)
+ To file bug reports or feature requests please send email to:
Please include with your report: (1) the example input; (2) the output
you expected; (3) the output Markdown actually produced.
@@ -184,8 +132,24 @@ AUTHOR
CPAN Module Text::MultiMarkdown (based on Text::Markdown by Sebastian
- Riedel) by Darren Kulp & Tomas Doran
- &
+ Riedel) originally by Darren Kulp (
+ This module is maintained by: Tomas Doran
+ Please note that this distribution is a fork of John Gruber's original
+ Markdown project, and it *is not* in any way blessed by him.
+ Whilst this code aims to be compatible with the original
+ (and incorporates and passes the Markdown test suite) whilst fixing a
+ number of bugs in the original - there may be differences between the
+ behavior of this module and If you find any differences
+ where you believe Text::Markdown behaves contrary to the Markdown spec,
+ please report them as bugs.
+ Text::Markdown *does not* extend the markdown dialect in any way from
+ that which is documented at daringfireball. If you want additional
+ features, you should look at Text::MultiMarkdown.
Original Code Copyright (c) 2003-2004 John Gruber
@@ -195,7 +159,7 @@ COPYRIGHT AND LICENSE
<> All rights reserved.
Text::MultiMarkdown changes Copyright (c) 2006-2008 Darren Kulp
- <> and Tomas Doran <>
+ <> and Tomas Doran <>
Redistribution and use in source and binary forms, with or without
modification, are permitted provided that the following conditions are
2  Readme.text
@@ -1,7 +1,7 @@
This Readme is from the original version of Markdown; not all of the
-information contained herein is applicable to Text::MultiMarkdown, the CPAN
+information contained herein is applicable to Test::Markdown the CPAN
module that includes this file. See the module's POD and the README file for
more information.
1  Todo
@@ -1,5 +1,4 @@
Todo pre 1.0.20:
- . Update README.txt
. Tests for $footnote =~ s/^glossary:\s*//i
. Tests for $footnote_closing_tag
. Add an option to Text::Markdown to have original brand markdown style
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