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Commits on Mar 15, 2008
bobtfish Branch for speedup/refactor of HashHTMLBlocks so that it doesn't use …
bobtfish New HashHTMLBlocks algorithm. May even work ad88b34
bobtfish Pull old HashHTMLBlocks algorithm out 58ae826
bobtfish And compile again c2672ca
bobtfish Fix warning on every line 686d8e7
bobtfish Almost works, except fails to handle self closing tags correctly 28e3748
bobtfish Update changelog, add things to the Todo list, remove dependencies no…
… longer needed, various small speedups on my already a lot quicker code. Just need to make _TokenizeHTML method do the correct thing with self closing tags, and then should pass the full Markdown test suite again and can merge all this performance work to trunk
bobtfish Updated META.yml with dependencies removed d982c37
bobtfish Add test for _TokenizeText method 2d6152e
bobtfish Re-shuffle tests a little, add tests to _TokenizeText and _TokenizeHT…
…ML, the latter shows up a load of bugs. Also know that we totally fail to do the right thing in _HashHTMLBlocks with self closing tags - but given _TokenizeHTML gets a lot of the self closers wrong itself, I should probably fix them first
bobtfish One more case which shows > in attribute values is an independent fuc…
…kup to self closing tags
bobtfish Down from 5/12 fails to 3/12 fails in t/37tokenizehtml.t b22b527
bobtfish Down from 3/12 fails to 2/12 fails in t/37tokenizehtml.t 3652539
bobtfish Committed changes dcd3e9f
Commits on Mar 17, 2008
bobtfish Almost working as expected 67c92ee
bobtfish One more test passing a368f6d
bobtfish Remove test which is not a test 3703906
bobtfish Re-branch from 1.0.17 trunk dd16289
bobtfish Re-commit work done in branch that was from 1.0.16, manually merged t…
…o 1.0.17
bobtfish Fix spelling test 602eee4
Commits on Mar 18, 2008
bobtfish Some cleanups, remove all the local crap e7f18bf
Commits on Mar 19, 2008
bobtfish Fix test fails I merged from trunk 5dd6bd2
Commits on Mar 21, 2008
bobtfish Remove commented out warnings eb7d2e0
bobtfish Fix spelling error 911c888
bobtfish Commit back 02e8fb1
bobtfish Fix test fails I merged from trunk 193fbe0
bobtfish Passes entire current test suite. Need tests for unclosed tag behavio…
…rs tho
bobtfish Deal with blocks next to each other. 0da4e00
bobtfish Tests now mimic current behavior 066bdf3
bobtfish Re-number tests to be unique 9d0d67f
bobtfish Nice step further on :) 11c3734
bobtfish Actually working, even in the weird cases. 758d256
bobtfish Agggh, add to the test case, and it is crap again dfb6d00
bobtfish And working, all leading / trailing whitespace is handled in the end_…
…tag_run routine
bobtfish 1c11db8
bobtfish 23ce3e3
bobtfish cb5d2c3
bobtfish 7c57035
bobtfish 515c292
bobtfish 5d841ae
bobtfish 8d99357
bobtfish eb9e5c1
bobtfish Update Todo and changelog 3cf5e5c
bobtfish Fix post merge 185b546
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