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Todo pre 1.0.23:
. Tests for $footnote =~ s/^glossary:\s*//i
. Tests for $footnote_closing_tag
. Add an option to Text::Markdown to have original brand markdown style
emphasis within words support.
. Re-merge Movable Type and Bloxom compatibility to the scripts, and add
. Need a dingus, write a small / demo app then ask the catalyst guys to
. Re-write this Todo list.
Todo pre 1.0.24:
. Make and warn if unexpected options are
used, and also have docs on what options are available. Expose the other
module options in the scripts.
. More tests in t/15inlinehtmldoesnoturnoffmarkdown.t, I bet turning this
feature on breaks things.
. Document the markdown (and multimarkdown) syntaxes in the module
Todo pre 1.0.25:
. Fix the list bug (see t/17ulolreportedonlist.t and Markdown mailing
list) This probably involves the first draught of the new parser...
. Text::Balanced is the slowest thing ever.
The syntax guide looks like this:
49.4 0.569 0.568 113 0.0050 0.0050 Text::Balanced::_match_tagged
18.1 0.209 0.791 3 0.0696 0.2637 Text::MultiMarkdown::_HashHTMLBlocks
Todo pre 1.0.26:
. Have a look at extra features in and put anything
we consider useful on the roadmap.
. Integrate maruku (ruby port) test cases properly, and go looking for
. Make a Text::Markdown::Extra with the Markdown extra features?
Todo pre 1.1:
. Either remove Text::MultiMarkdown::_FixFootnoteParagraphs or add tests to
exercise it. Currently, removing it doesn't affect any test.
. Build a parse tree when parsing (which can be returned), rather than just
using strings. This would make the output format much more flexible, and
would remove a load of nasty hacks which escape, then un-escape things
again whist processing..