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Symfony2 + mustaches.
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A Symfony implementation of the Mustache template rendering. This will add Mustache as a renderer in Symfony

1) Installing


Just run following command with composer:

composer.phar require bobthecow/mustache-bundle

Lookup desired version constraint from packagist. After adding this run

composer.phar update


To actually download and use this bundle. Also add following line to your AppKernel.php

new Bobthecow\Bundle\MustacheBundle\BobthecowMustacheBundle()


Add rendererer to your config.yml

        engines: ['twig', 'mustache']

2) Using it

Like you would use twig. Just put your mustache file in your Resources\views folder using .mustache as extension. E.g.

    // Render Mustache template and return response
    return $this->render('AcmeDemoBundle:Hello:index.html.mustache');

Or pass along the template in the Template() annotation

     * @Template("AcmeDemoBundle:Hello:index.html.mustache")
     public function indexAction()
         return array();
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