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Request = require("request")
Async = require("async")
file_matchers = require("./matchers")
# Static class to handle Github API requests
class Github
# Get the required files for a repo ( and documentup.json)
# - After getting the master tree, select the right SHAs
# - Then go get each of the blobs
@getBlobsFor = (repo, callback)=>
@getMasterTree repo, (err, tree)=>
return callback(err) if err
readme_sha = obj.sha for obj in tree when file_matchers.readme.test(obj.path)
config_sha = obj.sha for obj in tree when file_matchers.config.test(obj.path)
readme: (callback)=>
@getBlob readme_sha, repo, callback
config: (callback)=>
return callback(null, null) if !config_sha
@getBlob config_sha, repo, callback
, (err, results)->
return callback(err) if err
callback null, readme: results.readme, config: JSON.parse(results.config)
# Gets one blob from the sha and repository
@getBlob = (sha, repo, callback)=>
method: "GET"
url: "{repo}/git/blobs/#{sha}"
# Required to not get a base64 encoded string
"Accept": "application/vnd.github-blob.raw"
(err, resp, body)->
return callback(err) if err
callback(null, body)
# Gets the master tree of a repository
@getMasterTree = (repo, callback)=>
method: "GET"
url: "{repo}/git/trees/master"
(err, resp, body)=>
return callback(err) if err
data = JSON.parse(body)
return callback(new Error(data.message)) if data.message
tree = data.tree
callback(null, tree)
module.exports = Github