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# App timezone is UTC. This needs to be set before ANY Date() methods are called
# or it will be ignored
process.env.TZ = "EST"
process.env.NODE_ENV ||= "development"
# Running this file fires up the Web server.
if == "."
Server = require("./server")
Server.on "loaded", ->
console.log "Server is READY!"
if process.env.NODE_ENV == "development"
growl = require("growl").notify
growl "Restarted", title: "DocumentUp"
Server.listen 8080
Express = require("express")
Coffee = require("coffee-script")
eco = require("eco")
stylus = require("stylus")
nib = require("nib")
compileStylus = (str, path) ->
console.log "COMPILING STYLUS"
console.log path
stylus(str).set('filename', path).set('compress', true).use(nib())
server = Express.createServer()
server.register ".eco", eco
FS = require("fs")
server = Express.createServer()
server.configure ->
server.set "root", __dirname
server.set "jsonp callback", true
server.use Express.query()
server.use Express.bodyParser()
server.use Express.cookieParser()
# Templates and views
server.set "views", "#{__dirname}/app/views"
server.set "view engine", "eco"
server.set "view options"
layout: "layouts/"
release: new Date().toJSON()
env: server.settings.env
server.configure "development", ->
process.on "uncaughtException", (error)->
console.log "Caught exception: #{error}"
console.log error.stack.split("\n")
server.use Express.logger(buffer: false)
if process.env.DEBUG
server.use Express.profiler()
server.error Express.errorHandler(dumpExceptions: true, showStack: true)
# use Stylus
server.use stylus.middleware
src: "#{__dirname}/app"
dest: "#{__dirname}/public"
compile: compileStylus
server.use server.router
server.use Express.static "#{__dirname}/public"
server.configure "production", ->
server.error Express.errorHandler()
server.use Express.logger()
server.use Express.responseTime()
server.use server.router
server.use Express.static "#{__dirname}/public", maxAge: 1000 * 60 * 60 * 24 * 14
server.on "listening", ->
console.log "listening"
# FS.readdir "#{__dirname}/app/resources/", (error, files)->
# for file in files
# if /\.coffee$/.test(file)
# require "#{__dirname}/app/resources/#{file}"
server.emit "loaded"
module.exports = server