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An extension for Thunderbird 3.0+ that allows you to view threads as "real" conversations, including your own emails. This extension also adds a bunch of useful UI features in the conversation view. Get a pre-built binary at the link below.
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GMail Conversation View

This extension improves the threaded summary for emails in Thunderbird 3.0. It
vastly improves the UI by including some ideas from GMail. More specifically:
- your own messages are displayed in the thread;
- you initially see summaries, they can be expanded to display full messages;
- quoted parts are "folded" à la GMail;
- fast links for replying (and possibly other useful actions).

For screenshots and a stable version, please head to [1] which should provide
you with a ready-to-install package.



My setup is based on Linux so get a MSYS environment with a proper make and
proper tools if you are on Windows. Anyway, it isn't that hard, it's just a set
of commands to automate uploading to my website and generating fresh versions.
To build the .xpi, just do:

make package

If you want to develop and see your changes in real-time (assuming you have a
proper setup in your profile and you restart Thunderbird), you can link this
extension in your global thunderbird setup.

cd thunderbird
cd extensions
ln -s /path/to/this/folder

Alternatively, in your profile, you can create an empty file called
"" in the extensions directory. This file should only
contain one line which is the path to this folder on your hard drive.
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