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coda -w not waiting #7

felixkiss opened this Issue May 25, 2012 · 7 comments

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I did configure 'coda -w' as my EDITOR in .profile and checked with 'echo $EDITOR'.
Now if I git commit (or manually coda -w somefile) it does not work (i.e. coda opens, but Terminal is not waiting).

I installed coda 1.0.3 via brew


Thanks for the heads up. This is fixed in c8e973d

If you want to install via homebrew, go give Homebrew/legacy-homebrew#12430 a 👍 :)

@bobthecow bobthecow closed this May 25, 2012

Now, if I "git commit" it opens Coda 2 with the COMMIT_EDITMSG open, but about 2 seconds later, Coda (1.7.5) is also launched in the background.
I can type a commit message, but another couple of seconds later, "git commit" ends with "Aborting commit due to empty commit message."


I think I've got a fix for this, but I don't have a computer with Coda 1 handy... Do me a favor and test the develop branch before I cut a new release?


Not right just yet, but at least it won't open Coda 1 anymore.

When the file opens, it waits approximately 5 seconds, but after that it is over.
If I 'git commit' it still says 'Aborting commit due to empty commit message.' after that 5 seconds, but when I'm fast enough, and write and save the message file before that time frame, it works.


Try develop one more time? Should be fixed now.

@bobthecow bobthecow reopened this May 29, 2012

Now it works like a charm,


@bobthecow bobthecow added a commit that closed this issue May 30, 2012
@bobthecow Use bundle id rather than application name.
Fixes #7 when both Coda 1 and Coda 2 are installed on the same system.
@bobthecow bobthecow closed this in 61fedd4 May 30, 2012

@birnenjoe Thanks for your help. These fixes have been released in v1.0.5, and they'll be in homebrew soon.

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