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-Text Editor Actions for Coda
+Coda Plugin Skeleton
-Text Editor Actions (TEA) for Coda (formerly Textmate Emulation Applescripts)
-are some of the text manipulations that I think ever editor should have,
-implemented as a [Coda][1] plugin. I originally began work on TEA because
-I was interested in Coda's all-in-one workflow but completely uninterested
-in abandoning Textmate's excellent HTML editing capabilities.
+Coda Plugin Skeleton is a poorly named framework for writing Cocoa plugins for
+[Coda][1] using Python.
-For more information, including documentation and downloads, please see
-the TEA for Coda site:
-**Found something about TEA that makes you unhappy?** [Submit a bug report
-or feature request][2] (requires free GitHub account) or [drop me a line][3].
+The skeleton is essentially the gutted remains of Ian Beck's excellent
+[TEA for Coda plugin][2]. It provides a PyObjC bridge to the Cocoa plugin API,
+along with several convenience functions for dealing with text manipulation,
+menu generation, etc.
- [2]:
- [3]:
+ [2]:
Building from source
-If you want to try the latest development version of Coda, you can download
-and build the plugin from source like so:
+In order to get anything useful out of Coda Plugin Skeleton, you will need to
+download and build the source:
- git clone git://
- cd tea-for-coda
+ git clone git://
+ cd coda-plugin
python py2app
If you wish to create a development version, you can run this instead:
python py2app -A
-This will create a normal version of the TEA plugin, but symlink all the
+This will create a normal version of your Coda plugin, but symlink all the
internal files so that you don't have to rebuild the plugin to try out
-changes (you'll still need to relaunch Coda between changes, though).
+changes (you'll still need to relaunch Coda between changes, though).
+Now go build something cool

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