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A simple import/export script for Coda clips.
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A simple import/export script for syncing Coda clips.


This script fiddles with undocumented preference settings. It relies on the current Coda clip implementation staying (relatively) the same. In other words, Panic could change things and break this script at any time.

If things do change in a future version of Coda, nothing should go seriously wrong, other than this script (possibly) not working anymore. Also, things might get a little strange if you're syncing between two different Coda versions.

Consider yourself warned.


This script assumes that you have a (free!) Dropbox account. If you don't have one, feel free to use my referral code and get a little extra space while you're at it.


  1. Install this script. Copy it somewhere like /usr/local/bin or $HOME/bin. Now chmod a+x codaclips to make it executable.

  2. Quit Coda. Yeah, really. Coda can't deal with preferences changing while the app is running, so you've gotta quit before you sync.

  3. Export your current clips:

    `codaclips export`

    Optionally, give it a filename or path for export. By default it imports and exports your clips using a hidden file in your Dropbox. This is prob'ly what you want to do...

  4. Wait for Dropbox to sync the file. Follow steps 0 and 1 on your second computer then import your Coda clips:

    `codaclips import`

    Note: This step erases all existing clips on your second computer. If you want to save them first, open the clip panel, right click on each group, and select "Export Group". You can now re-import these clips after your initial sync.

  5. Make sure to keep changes synced. When you exit Coda on either computer, run codaclips export. This will save your current clips to the Dropbox file. When you get back to your other computer, run codaclips import before starting Coda again.

  6. Extra credit: You could set up a folder action to run codaclips export any time ~/Library/Preferences/com.panic.Coda.plist changes... That would take away half of the manualness of this process :-)


  • If anything in this README doesn't make perfect sense to you, this script is probably not for you. Please don't mess up your settings because you don't know how to use a terminal.

  • Back up ~/Library/Preferences/com.panic.Coda.plist before you do anything drastic.

  • Try to only change clips on one machine at a time. If you create a clip on machine A, then create a clip on machine B before you sync the new clip from machine A, your new clips are going to conflict. This means a manual merge, and it's a bit annoying.


This might void your warranty. By using this script, there is a possibility that you will break things. Thus, this program is distributed WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. Use this and all similar scripts at your own risk.

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