Reformulation of instructions for Bash installation with git < 1.7.1 #19

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nhuray commented Jul 13, 2012

Hi Justin,

I'd like to submit you a pull request to clarify the installation of git-flow-completion for a bash environment for a git version < 1.7.1.



@bobthecow bobthecow commented on the diff Jul 13, 2012
@@ -30,10 +30,17 @@ To achieve git-flow completion nirvana:
source ~/
- 2. If you are using Git < 1.7.1: Edit and add the following line to the giant
- $command case in _git:
- flow) _git_flow ;;
+ 2. If you are using Git < 1.7.1 you have to edit `/etc/bash_completion.d/git` (or ``) and add the following line in `_git` function:
bobthecow Jul 13, 2012 owner

Except it's not always there. In fact, it's often not there. This is very OS and distro dependent, unfortunately :-/

Maybe something like:

If you are using Git < 1.7.1, you will need to edit git completion (usually /etc/bash_completion.d/git or and add the following line to the $command case in _git:

nhuray Jul 13, 2012

The formulation is really clear. Ok for me !!


Merged into develop, this will go into the next release.

@bobthecow bobthecow closed this Jul 24, 2012
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