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Oh my zsh integration #7

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Added symlink as suggested in documentation. Adding this allows your repository to easily be used as a submodule within oh-my-zsh.


I don't use zsh, so I could be way off base here, but would it make sense to just move the original file to git-flow-completion.plugin.zsh? It seems like that would allow it to be used as a zsh plugin or sourced in .zshrc.


That works as well. The 'plugin' naming is just an oh-my-zsh convention. Folks not using oh-my-zsh wouldn't need it, but it shouldn't hurt.


The goal is to be able to use the original repository as a submodule of oh-my-zsh, so either way, it'd be great to end up with the 'plugin' naming in your repository.

@bobthecow bobthecow merged commit 7413ccb into bobthecow:master
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